Four Sources of Entertainment Found at Local Taverns

Every city has similar features, businesses and residential areas. Within different areas of town most cities also have local bars, or taverns, that have been around for many years attracting native residents. These bars may have billiards and pool cues, in addition to many other entertainment and dining options. For the most part, these local taverns have similar sources of entertainment that include bar top gaming systems, televisions, free standing video games and “betting pulls”.

Bar top gaming systems are small electronic boxes that are placed on top of the main bar. These gaming systems cost 50 cents to 2 dollars to play each game. Some of the games that are found in these systems are word puzzles, sport games and trivia questions. Many systems can be linked together for broader scale competition as well. These units give people the opportunity to engage in fun competition with other people who position themselves at the bar. They also provide another source of income to the owner of the establishment.

Televisions are a main feature at every bar regardless of their size. Patrons will go to local taverns with their family and friends specifically to watch a certain sporting event on TV. Local bars will consistently show the local hometown team games too. Patrons enjoy watching these games with other people who also have a personal tie to the teams playing. Also, some of the busiest times of year for local bars are due to what sports are being televised. For instance, the entire month of March is a peak for most taverns due to the NCAA basketball tournament taking place on television. These local bars will often bring in additional TVs to accommodate the increase crowds and their ability to show multiple games at one time.

Free standing video games and pinball machines are another source of entertainment that are typically found at local bars. These video games often include Special Tee Golf, Miss PacMan or some sort of interactive driving game. Also, they may have the game where the metal claw is guided downward to potentially pick-up a small prize or stuffed animal. Having games like this is a huge benefit for families who want to spend a significant amount of time during their visit to the tavern. The entire family can eat dinner together. Afterwards the adults can relax and watch sports while their children are entertained by gaming systems. These systems, in addition to being a great source of alternate entertainment, are a great money maker for the bar as well.

Lastly, many bars will host forms of legal gambling in the form of “betting pulls”. These are when the patrons all give equal shares of money for sporting bets and one person wins. The best example of this is during March Madness when the NCAA basketball bracket is established. Local bar patrons all put up the same fee to enter the pull. Each person is randomly given specific teams playing in the tournament. As each team play a game they either advance to the next round or eliminated from the betting pull. Generally there are winners of money for first and second place. These winners collect all the money that was collected at the start of the games.